Lead Generation Specialist

Job Summary:

Get ready to revolutionize lead generation as the Lead Generation Specialist at Zeal! You’ll be at the forefront, driving the development and execution of cutting-edge strategies to not just meet, but exceed our growth targets across diverse B2B sectors.


  1. Be the architect behind end-to-end demand generation programs that don’t just drive leads but set the industry abuzz with excitement. From lead nurturing to landing page optimization, you’ll orchestrate strategies that make our competitors green with envy.
  2. Take the helm of demand generation initiatives, from brainstorming innovative strategies to executing them flawlessly and measuring their impact. It’s not just marketing; it’s a journey toward unmatched success.
  3. Harness the power of multiple channels and tactics – email, content, SEO, social media, and beyond – to craft campaigns that captivate audiences and drive explosive growth.
  4. Stay one step ahead by constantly evolving strategies based on market trends, competitor movements, and emerging best practices. 
  5. Lead the charge in fostering collaboration across teams, ensuring everyone’s aligned and working towards the same electrifying goals.
  6. Dive deep into research, keeping our lead databases updated and buzzing with potential, while qualifying leads through ingenious channels.
  7. Be the voice that dazzles in proposals and presentations, painting a picture of innovation and opportunity that’s impossible to resist.
  8. Become the ultimate Zeal evangelist, mastering our products and services to guide customers seamlessly through the sales journey.
  9. Uncover hidden gems in campaign performance data, transforming insights into action to supercharge our demand generation efforts.
  10. Command the stage in CRM platforms like HubSpot, sculpting workflows and automations that streamline success.
  11. Keep the pulse on progress, delivering electrifying updates on sales KPIs and customer engagement metrics that leave leadership eager for more.
  12. Collaborate with our creative minds to craft marketing materials that don’t just inform but inspire, resonating deeply with our target audience.
  13. Steal the spotlight at industry events, forging connections that shine a spotlight on Zeal’s brilliance.
  14. Prepare for showtime with occasional onsite product demos that leave prospects clamoring for more.


  1. Blaze a trail with proven experience (3+ years) in demand generation, lead generation, or growth marketing, preferably in the dynamic world of B2B.
  2. Master the art of B2B marketing principles, wielding lead scoring, nurturing, and conversion optimization like a true maestro.
  3. Command the stage in CRM platforms like HubSpot, with a side of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint for good measure.
  4. Dive deep into data with exceptional analytical skills, turning insights into actions that ignite success.
  5. Captivate with communication skills that sparkle both in writing and speech, crafting content that leaves audiences spellbound.
  6. Thrive in the exhilarating pace of a startup environment, juggling multiple projects with ease and finesse.
  7. Collaborate like a rockstar, bridging gaps and forging connections with ease, whether in-person or remotely.
  8. Embrace adventure with occasional travel within the United States for industry events that promise excitement and opportunity.

Bonus Points:

  1. Dive into the startup world with B2B SaaS experience that sets you apart from the crowd.
  2. Navigate the legal landscape with knowledge or experience in the legal industry that adds an extra layer of expertise.
  3. Elevate your CRM game with additional proficiency in platforms like HubSpot, showcasing your mastery of the digital realm.