Explore Zeal - Your Contract Management Solution

Experience the future of contract management with Zeal. This self-demo is your gateway to discover how we simplify contracts, from creation to compliance. Get ready to streamline your processes and boost efficiency. Let’s dive in!

What integrations do you offer?

Salesforce, DocuSign, Job Diva. We frequently review software for new integration opportunities. Please inquire about specific intgrations.

Does it have E-signature?

Yes, Zeal uses a native e-signature tool for document execution. The e-signature tool uses inflight and at-rest encryption. This allows internal and external users to execute documents efficiently and securely.

How to Invite team members?

Click on Your Profile tab on the right. Then click Workspace Members. Then click the “+ New Member” button, add the new members’ email, and select a role.

How to build workspaces?

Click the orange add button at the top and then select “New Workspace”. Give the Workspace a name and hit “Submit”. Congratulations, you built a Workspace!

How to send out contracts?

Create a new document using a template. Add a name and storage location to save the document. Click on the signatories tab to add signers. Be sure to complete the document’s keyword fields. Click generate document and confirm you wish to send the document for signing.

What is an intake form and what are their benefits?

An intake form is a customized form built from one of your existing templates. You can generate unique links and share them with eternal parties. This allows the external party to fill in information that you might not have available. The intake form then auto-creates the contract in Zeal using the template and the information gathered from the intake form. This process saves you countless revisions with needless back and forth. The benefits are: reduced time in negotiation, accelerated deal cycles, and increased contracting efficiency, making it easier and faster to do business.

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