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Your new contract


Powered by AI, designed to control for risk and optimize for revenue.
Welcome to modern contract management.

The best way to manage all your legal relationships

Zeal is a single source of truth
designed to maximize user adoption.

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Custom and standard integrations with your existing favorite tools.

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“It has been so great to work with this product. I wish every company I worked with was this easy and helpful.” -COO, Global NGO


“What I like best about Zeal is how easy it is to use. I find Zeal to be intuitive, easy to use and easy to get others in my company to use too.” -Operations Lead, PW Org.


“It’s intuitive, easy to use and easy to get adopted.”

-Legal OPS Director, NGEN

Bundled Productivity

Automation through best in-class partners. span

Zeal’s platform empowers users with automated workflows and machine learning to manage your company’s entire legal relationship ecosystem.

AWS Infrastructure
Partner Network
Management System
Native Application

Secure architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Modernize Contracting

Responsive design
to empower the modern workforce.

General productivity apps are losing relevancy. The hybrid workforce demands a contract management tool that is purpose-built to provide simple, efficient and fast contract monitoring & execution.

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Contracts Currently Managed (CCM)

AI powered autonomous monitoring for key events, dates and deadlines.


In-platform document drafting, generation, editing and sharing. Purpose-built editor for the hybrid workforce.


Securely negotiate with internal and external counter-parties.

Third Party
Paper Import

Import foreign or counter-party documents and convert them to internal standards.

Tracking & Control

Version control and tracking allows teams to easily fall back to previous versions or perform audits to compare edits.


Gain data-driven insights on document, team and individual performance.


Advanced analytics help measure performance so teams can optimize for faster close rates.

Automate Management

Zeal Document =
smart contract.

Zeal docs are smart contracts with embedded business intelligence that are autonomously managed by AI.

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CLM Industry Impact*

Optimize for revenue & compliance.

Gain insights from contract data to make data-driven decisions to enhance your team’s performance.

*Gartner 2021


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Faster deal cycles



~ 0 %

Revenue recapture

Workflow automation to alleviate manual processes while optimizing for speed.

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Greater adherence to policies

Designed to Adopt

dashboards & views

Easily run reports, track progress, and monitor team performance.

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Modernize my contracting

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