Preserving the enthusiasm of new business relationships long after the ink dries

We’re on a mission to make contracting frictionless so our customers never lose the zeal of building new relationships.

Work is changing

Just like our world, today’s modern workforce is changing. Our teams are more diverse, more distributed and more dedicated to adopting technologies that empower them, not distract them from their purpose. While many departments are moving forward, contract administrators and those responsible for legal data are falling behind.

Business is built on relationships. Relationships that endure, bear the most fruit. It’s time to change how we’re maintaining the legal relationships our businesses are built on.

Zeal empowers relationship builders so they can preserve the enthusiasm of new business relationships, long after the ink dries.

Our network

Zeal is backed by some of the world’s largest and most influential investors and technology companies. Our partners are just as passionate as we are about modernizing the world of legal relationship management.

Our Team

A culture-driven, passionate group of irresistible people

Zeal has a multi-cultural and multi-disciplined team. Our members span the globe from Eastern Europe to Africa to the United States. Our team’s disciplines range from engineering to management consulting to law. This diverse team of individuals benefits clients with a global perspective on leading-edge design, operability, and proven strategies that we’ve seen across a multitude of clients.

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