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Legal Relationship Management (LRM), powered by smart contracts

An end-to-end contract management platform, natively integrated and purposely designed to enhance user adoption while automating the manual work of post-execution administration.

A unified contract management system for all legal data, designed to control for risk and optimize for revenue, powered by AI.

If you're ready to transform your contracting practice, the opportunity is here.

We ensure customers are successful by standing by our product and standing with our customers throughout the adoption curve.

Zeal team has 30+ years combined experience in business process management across a multi-cultural and multi-disciplined team.

Let us lead your digital transformation.



Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Self-service Contract Lifecycle Management application
  • AI analysis, entity management and workflow management provide best-in-class contract automation and data insights
  • Contract management from creation through execution to continuous monitoring


Fully Managed Contract Migration Services

  • Legacy contract data migration, including content organization, analysis and tracking
  • Available Subject Matter Experts to assist high-volume commercial contract projects driven by corporate transactions, regulatory change or commercial mandates
  • Unicode conversion for easy content search queries

Dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSM)

  • Bespoke team solutions for long-term CLM commercial support
  • Administrative support for commercial contracts and compliance functions
  • Distributed, but dedicated workforce
  • Multi-year contracts with monthly flat fees with SLAs
Increased Contract Lifecycle Performace

Case Studies

Zeal was founded to help organizations drive digital transformation in contract data management through design, implementation and post development support.

Our primary objective is to help organizations automate the contract management process, gain better insights into contract data and enhance compliance while increasing deal flow.

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