Non-profit Webinar

Savvy Ladies and Zeal

In the month of March we had the opportunity to meet with Judy Herbst, the executive director of Savvy Ladies. Throughout her career, Judy has created programs and campaigns that educate and speak to critical issues targeting women, parents, and families.

Also, Judy shared some of the challenges she has had in the last two years leading a small non-profit organization and the strong impact the use of technology has had on the growth of Savvy Ladies.

Judy told us how the impact of Zeal has been in her organization “I love that when we work with zeal we have a person we can go to, we can all OR email anytime, and customer services is outstanding, it is by far fantastic, because we get a response, we get an answer”

If you want to see the complete webinar with Judy, click here.

Non-profit and Zeal

In the month of September, we had the opportunity to meet with Jose Dominguez.


He has had a long career in the nonprofit and government and commercial sectors.


If you want to watch the complete webinar with Jose Dominguez, click