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Job Diva Integration

Request a demo today to explore the Zeal + JobDiva integration



The integration between Zeal and JobDiva offers several key advantages for staffing companies:

 1. Accelerated deal cycles: The seamless integration enables staffing firms to expedite their contract processes, reducing time-to-contract and improving overall efficiency.

 2. Secure and seamless communications between platforms: The integration establishes a secure channel for communication between Zeal and JobDiva.

 3. Data mapping: The integration includes robust data mapping capabilities, allowing for smooth data synchronization between the two platforms.

 4. Joint support: Staffing companies can benefit from dedicated support teams who are well-versed in both Zeal and JobDiva.

 5. Workflow customization: The integration allows for customizable workflows, tailored to the unique needs of each staffing company.

 6. Customers love it: The integration allows joint customers the ability to keep staff in one platform, while feeding mission-critical information across the entire organization.