Box’s latest Technology Partner

Zeal announced today it was selected to join Box’s Technology Partner Program. This new integration with Box will allow customers to access their contract data from multiple applications through Box’s vast inventory of API integrations. This enables Zeal to operate as a broker of contract data for customers who need to access their contract repositories with additional auditing and accounting systems.

Zeal is a collaborative cloud-based contract management platform that uses machine learning to help companies automate contract functions, analyze contract data and build workflows that enhance compliance and accelerate sales.

“The need for organizations to move fast and operate in a modern way is more important than ever before,“ said Scott Porter, Vice President, Business Development at Box. “Procurement and legal departments require the most advanced security and enterprise-grade collaboration tools, and we’re excited to provide Zeal customers with the ability to access their contract data securely across applications.“ Through this integration, customers will be able to seamlessly connect their existing Zeal repositories with Box as their unified cloud content management layer…