How a Contract Management Software Can Help Your Company

Welcome to Zeal, a contract management Platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate work and keep stakeholders accountable. 

For most enterprise companies, the task of managing contracts is arduous. Many companies struggle with the conflict of increasing revenue while mitigating risk. 

This is where we come in. Zeal helps companies gain valuable insight and give actionable meaning to the data within their contract repositories. We are a contract administrator’s super power.

A good example of a common contract management problem is found in the contract creation process. Most companies orchestrate contract creation in a decentralized fashion, due to lack of enterprise wide tools or low adoption of current applications. We address this problem by purposely designing Zeal to be user centric and integrating with applications our users already love. The ability to deploy contract templates form salesforce or office 365 is easy and intuitive. Our template management feature means contract administrators can enforce policy changes across all documents within all departments, instantly.

In addition to the creation process, clear and constant communication is also a major hurdle for many enterprise companies when collaborating over contracts. It’s difficult for teams to work quickly without sacrificing quality if there isn’t an efficient collaboration tool in the middle. Zeal enables contracts to self-govern, keeping all stakeholders accountable in the pre and post execution phases of a contract’s lifecycle. This smart contract technology ensures compliance with policy and guarantees quality.

As documents are created, they are subscribed to policies that govern how data within the documents is treated. Zeal documents will notify users of required pending actions, expirations or potential conflicts that may arise from company policy changes. After the Zeal document is executed, stakeholders are kept aware of important information and/or deadlines for the life of the contract.

If you think your organization is ready, let us introduce you to the world of smart contracts built for the enterprise. Email us at for a free demo today