Zeal’s latest feature helps teams – Workspaces.

Zeal, a recent AngelPad graduate, and a leading collaborative contracting platform for procurement and sales teams, today announced the release of Zeal Workspaces. Zeals Workspaces amplifies its collaboration abilities, designed to help procurement and sales teams more effectively manage higher volume vendor and customer agreements.

Now that procurement teams are working remotely and doing more with less, it’s imperative that they have the tools they need to manage the myriad of vendors they support as well as their internal business customers. “It has become increasingly difficult for procurement to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders during this time of uncertainty,” said Matthew Solé, Zeal’s CEO. “We’re not only helping customers manage their vendor agreements, we’re helping their vendors overcome obstacles to getting renewals signed faster.”

COVID-19 has caught companies and entire industries off guard, leaving them to grapple with the reality that vendor relationships are governed by outdated agreements that are difficult to access and not resilient to disruption. “The top priority for our customers is to access and manage the data within their agreements” said Solé. “Their next priority is ensuring that they can share that data with partners and customers in a way that helps to fortify future business.”….