Integration of Zeal with JobDiva Streamlines Onboarding and Hiring Cycles for Staffing Companies

Partnership leads to enhanced collaboration by collecting JobDiva data through onboarding flows and importing it into the Zeal contract management system.

Zeal, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management solutions, is thrilled to announce a new integration with JobDiva, the market’s most advanced ATS and CRM solution for staffing agencies. This integration brings a host of benefits to staffing firms, streamlining processes, and promoting collaboration between these two powerful software solutions.

“Our customers wanted a more efficient way to connect our Contract Lifecycle Management tool to their candidate onboarding flow within JobDiva. With this key enhancement, they are saving, on average, two days of valuable hiring time with each candidate,” said Matthew Solé, CEO of Zeal. “We are excited to work with Zeal to offer this new integration that adds value and enhances hiring workflows for our customers,” said Courtney Revercomb-Crusoe, Client Solutions Manager at JobDiva.

The integration between Zeal and JobDiva offers several key advantages for staffing companies:

1. Accelerated deal cycles: The seamless integration enables staffing firms to expedite their contract processes, reducing time-to-contract and improving overall efficiency. By automating contract creation, negotiation, and approval workflows, staffing companies can significantly accelerate deal cycles and optimize their operations.

2. Secure and seamless communications between platforms: The integration establishes a secure channel for communication between Zeal and JobDiva. Staffing companies can confidently exchange sensitive contract-related information in JobDiva and expedite contract creation in Zeal; maintaining data security and compliance with industry regulations, eliminating data silos and promoting seamless collaboration.

3. Data mapping: The integration includes robust data mapping capabilities, allowing for smooth data synchronization between the two platforms. This ensures that information flows seamlessly between systems, minimizing manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies.

4. Joint support: Staffing companies can benefit from dedicated support teams who are well-versed in both Zeal and JobDiva. This collaborative support approach ensures efficient issue resolution, providing users with comprehensive assistance and expertise. To maximize the potential of the integrated solution, staffing companies can access professional services training offered by Zeal.

5. Workflow customization: The integration allows for customizable workflows, tailored to the unique needs of each staffing company. By aligning processes with specific business requirements, organizations can achieve greater operational efficiency and enhance overall productivity.

6. Customers love it: The integration allows joint customers the ability to keep staff in one platform, while feeding mission-critical information across the entire organization. This means less training, less maintenance and faster operations.

The integration of Zeal with JobDiva empowers staffing companies to streamline their contract management processes, improve collaboration, and drive business growth. By leveraging these integrated solutions, staffing firms can focus on what they do best – finding and placing top talent.

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