Zeal’s Dedicated Support Empowers Artech’s Contract Success

About Customer

As the largest women-owned staffing firm specializing in global workforce solutions in the U.S., Artech employs over 11,000 industry professionals. With a network of over 35 nations, a $925+ Million Global Revenue Run Rate, and global locations across the United States, Canada, India, and China, Artech leverages human intelligence to connect businesses with the right talent, maximizing workforce potential for more than 100 Fortune 500 clients.

The Challenge

Artech needed an end-to-end contract lifecycle and embarked on a mission to find tools to match. To find the ideal solution, the company embarked on a meticulous two-year RFx process, evaluating various tools based on key criteria. Ultimately, Zeal emerged as the clear choice, offering the flexibility of customization and the assurance of ongoing support—both essential for meeting Artech’s specific contract lifecycle requirements.

The Results

  • Zeal’s solution not only met the company’s technical requirements but also provided exceptional customer support. This dedication to service proved to be a key differentiator. As Artech’s Contract Sr. Manager, Vijay Kumar noted, “Zeal’s customer service team was world-class. In fact, it was a tipping point in their favor over closely related products.”
  • The customer support extends beyond the initial implementation, and Artech found the ongoing support invaluable: “It had the capability to solve our requirements plus the dedicated service team to assist with the product even after implementation.” This ongoing partnership ensures Artech maximizes the value of Zeal’s solution and adapts it effectively to their evolving contract management needs.

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