Zeal Combining the Power of Box and Adobe to Help Customers Unlock the Data Within Their PDF Contract Repositories

Zeal, the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) company that uses AI to help clients automate the contract management process, today announced a partnership to help clients manage Portable Document Formats (PDF) with the use of cloud-native machine learning.

Though long regarded as the gold standard for secure file sharing, PDFs limit the digital accessibility of the information they contain – resulting in lost time and money due to manual review and management. Using Zeal and its new suite of integrations, this manual work is eliminated. Customers now have the power to combine Machine Learning (ML) with the power of Adobe’s native Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine to translate data stored within their PDFs into actionable meaning within their contract repositories. As a Box technology partner, Zeal customers can now take advantage of this unlocked repository of new data and share it across the enterprise, utilizing a best-in-class unified cloud content management application.

“The need for organizations to move fast and operate in a modern way is more important than ever before,” said Scott Porter, Vice President, Business Development at Box. “Procurement and legal departments require the most advanced security and enterprise-grade collaboration tools, and we’re excited to provide Zeal customers with the ability to access their contract data securely across applications.”

Zeal provides observability, tracing and logging capabilities that bring all customer contract data together into a single source of truth, standardizing error-prone processes, and enabling customers to get fast, reliable information from contract repositories that have otherwise been unavailable. “As the regulatory landscape continues to change in this new dynamic work environment, customers are increasingly relying on Legal Ops teams to make data available immediately, whether that’s recent or legacy information,” said Karim Troost, Head of Legal at Zeal. “Zeal gives legal, sales and operations teams a better way to manage risk, recapture revenue and accelerate sales.”

“Customers challenged us to solve the problem of unlocking the data held within their PDF repositories,” said Nishanth Parthasarathy, Head of Engineering at Zeal. “So we turned to the developer of the PDF format, because we knew Adobe holds distinct advantages. This new suite of API’s utilizes a feature that applies machine learning to destructure PDF files and recognize graphic elements such as tables and images in PDFs.”

“Of the larger hurdles for our enterprise customer segment is the migration of legacy data,” said Matthew Solé, Founder of Zeal. “Typically, this hurdle is exacerbated by the quality of the documents they are working to migrate. This integration with Adobe and Box not only removes the data-integrity problem, it ensures the migrated data is readily available throughout their entire suite of enterprise applications.”

For more information on Zeal’s PDF-native cloud CLM solution, sign up for a demo here.

Zeal is a collaborative, cloud-based contract management platform that uses machine learning to help companies automate contract functions, analyze contract data and build workflows that enhance compliance and accelerate sales….