Vacation Rental Company – Uncovering New Lines of Revenue


Buyer: General Counsel

Co-Buyer: CPO / CFO

Revenue: 26.1B

Service Area: Multi-Country

Team Size: 103 People

Team Contract Volume: 41K per annum



About Customer

Vacation Rental Company has 1 million hosts around the world. These hosts provide rental services for over 130 million guests each year. Hosts and guests process over 200 million checkout flows a year with accompanying contracts.

Key Challenges

As hosts continue to introduce new geographies and new amenities, the Vacation Rental Company must amend it’s agreements to accommodate for this increased demand. In a quarterly business review, an analysis uncovers that chargebacks, due to late canceled reservations, are costing the company over 90M in annual reimbursements.


Using Zeal, business leaders are able to optimize contract performance by analyzing how agreements are read, condensing specific language and prioritizing legal content delivery depending on region and locality. Zeal administers the changes immediately across their global network of hosts resulting in clearer language and easy to understand agreements, reducing chargebacks by 14M.