Professional Services Success Agent

A Professional Services Success Agent engages in post-sale activities, including, but not limited to; customer service, data migration, development and customization of Zeal products for customers, maintain customer meetings through onboarding and adoption phases, and develop adoption and improvement programs for customers by coordinating and enhances usage methods and analyzing impact data.

Success Agents are the main point of contact with our customers and will lead customer success strategies and training in Zeal. Success Agents provide expertise in the use of Zeal and empower customers in the use of management systems, workflows, and analytics to improve efficiency and reduce redundancy.

Location: Remote

Reports to: Head of Professional Services

Minimum Qualifications:

·      BS/BA or equivalent knowledge and experience;

·      Experience with project management and resource tracking;

·      Experience with contract management or contract construction;

·      Knowledge of professional service and/or customer service;

·      Ability to work effectively, add value as a team member, and assume a leadership role within the team;

·      Ability to engage and act professional with customers;

·      Willingness to take ownership of accounts and account related actions;

·      Must be able to coordinate across various groups and functional teams;

·      Ability to perform tasks with little or no supervision;

·      Demonstrate ability to implement, drive, track, and report projects; and

·      Must have basic typing and computer knowledge.

    Catherine Luna
    Catherine Luna
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